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Lingerie Gift Ideas For Gentlemen

Lingerie Gift Ideas For Gentlemen

Lingerie Gift Ideas For Gentlemen buyers.


Here at Perlita we have put together a few ideas mainly aimed at gentlemen who want to buy lingerie but may feel overwhelmed by the choice and variety.

1  Colour.  Assess your ladies preference for colours.  Guys love red and many ladies do too, but if you want to play safe black is the perfect colour.  It’s sexy, mysterious and is a universal choice for many discerning ladies, especially at this time of year when that little black dress appears!

2  Size.  Yes it really matters!  Get this wrong and there goes any chance for romance or passion.  So be devious and check out her latest lingerie, preferably when she isn’t around unless she approves of your interest in her lingerie beyond when she wears it!  Be aware too that many lingerie item are intimate and cannot be exchanged if they are the wrong size.

3  Personality.  If you know your lady well you will know if she likes adventurous lingerie or prefers more elegant pieces.  Is she a thong girl or a a Baby Doll aficionado?  Try and assess her reaction to what you have in mind, and guys, what makes your heart race may not have the same effect on her.  Women love to dress up from the inside out, and it’s not just about the look, it’s also how the lingerie makes her feel.

A few ideas from our favourite lingerie.



Small but perfectly formed.

For those that remember the original “Sex and the City” series, one episode featured Samantha wearing a pearl thong.  Bracli the Spanish brand that created that amazing pearl and lace thong went on to become a world famous lingerie brand.  Recently they released the new Paris Collection of thongs, tops and accessories all of which feature Mancor pearls from Majorca, Spain and exquisite soft French lace.  We particularly like the Picos and the Cullotte Boy Short.  Be warned though these are not for the faint hearted!

 Sheer Luxury

For a top-of-the-range heart melting present you can’t beat the Lolita Lace and Pearl Babydoll from Bracli.  Less expensive but very desirable is the Your Night Thong with it’s twin pearl string.  Why not buy both and watch her smile as she sees both elegance and sensuality unfold.

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