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The Original Pearl Thong – Revisited

The Original Pearl Thong – Revisited

bracli-original-pearl-thong-perlita-ukWhen Spanish designer Luis Alvarez created his first pearl thong in the mid-90’s he simply had no idea how famous it would become.  If it happened today it would go “viral” in a short space of time.

Luis was delighted to find that “Sex and The City” screenwriters wanted to feature the Classic Thong in an episode of the hit TV series  and the rest is as they say, history!


Bracli The Original and (we believe) the best pearl thong!

Many have sought to imitate the Bracli Classic Pearl Thong but few have even come close, so what is it that sets the beautiful Bracli pearl lingerie collection apart…


Whether it’s the original Classic or the innovative Body Your Night with double strands of pearls, they all share the same high quality materials and design.  Take the lace for instance, each design is carefully crafted by hand in Spain.  Some lace can be rather hard against the skin but not so with the Bracli design which contains Polyamide and Elasthane.  The result is a super-soft material that moulds perfectly to your body shape due to the stretch of the fabric, and clever seaming at front and back helps create a sensual feel and look.

Of course to achieve a perfect fit also requires the pearl strand to remain in a central position and this is where the Bracli scores again over it’s rivals.  The combination of stretch fabric and a V shape on the lace at front and back ensure that the pearls sit exactly in the right place.  And most of us know just how sexy we feel when lingerie fits us perfectly, don’t we girls?.

Pearls are Pearls, right?bracli-ebony-night-thong-black-back-perlita-uk

There are many imitation pearls out there and some are even made from plastics.  In the Bracli range the pearls are  produced by a unique process in Manacor, Spain.  Each pearl is unique and attached to the thong by individual knotting giving a greater strength to the completed strand.  They are available in natural, ebony and  pink colours, depending on the model.  Pearls have a feel and lustre of their own which is very obvious to the wearer in a short period of time!

Lingerie is about feeling good from the inside out, and with the Bracli range there is no doubt you will be smiling from the moment you don that first pearl creation!

Here are Perlita we are delighted to carry the full range of Bracli pearl thongs and other sexy underwear.  Today almost 20 years after it first appeared we are finding that the most famous pearl thong in the world is truly a “Classic”  and a must have for any lingerie collection.

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