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Bracli and Paris – Ooh La La!

Bracli and Paris – Ooh La La!


French Lace and Spanish Pearls – Bracli – C’est magnifique!


bracli-culotte-thong-ivory-model-perlita-ukBracli have just released their new Paris Collection.  A new stylish cut and the use of a soft French lace, with the addition of Elastane, ensures that your Bracli hugs your body and provides the maximum sensation, a trade mark of the Brand since if first appeared.  We have always been a big fan of Bracli Pearl lingerie, but when we heard about the new Paris Collection and received the first samples we were really excited.

Bracli are famous of course for their pearl thong which has featured in the Hit TV series “Sex and the City” when Samantha (Kim Catrall) wore them with style as she ran up the stairs to remonstrate with her lover.  The Bracli collection has stood the test of time and although often imitated there has never been anything quite like the Original thong.



Bracli use pearls from Manacor, Majorca, Spain.  Each pearl is knotted individually with meticulous care, producing a string of pearls that fits your body shape in a very sensuous way.

In the next few days Perlita will be launching the new collection beginning with the all new Culotte Boy Short style thong which we are sure will be a real favourite amongst discerning lingerie lovers.  No surprise then that the word “Culotté” translated from French means “Cheeky”!  Very appropriate for this naughty Boy Short!

Bracli Pearl Lingerie – a perfect synergy of lace and pearls in a stunning collection of lingerie.  Perhaps it’s time to splash out on a little luxury for that special person in your life, or maybe just invest in the brand that makes you feel good from the inside out!


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