Advice for Guys – Buying Lingerie for that special lady.


Mission Planning

Buying lingerie for your lady is a task that requires careful planning.  You might think you know what she wants but go out and buy a Bra that is too big or a thong that is too small and your mission will fail miserably!  Our advice for guys will help you choose the best item(s) for her and make that special moment come true.

Reconnaissance is vital

 Just like a military mission time spent on reconnaissance is time well spent.  Your aim is to find out her size and favourite colours.  This is where is gets dangerous and requires a stealthy approach, otherwise your plan will be severely compromised.  The secret is to rifle through her undies drawer(s) when she is not around, or be clever and pick up any underwear she has dropped on the way to the shower or bath.  Get caught and you are on your own and are likely to fail the task miserably, women are intuitive beings!  Note the size and you are getting close to determining the perfect fit.

Bracli Sizes

Example: –  Her hip measurement is 90 Cm. You want to buy her a Classic thong.  Consulting the size guide on the Product page shows that 90 Cm falls into the top of hte range for Small size and the mid range of Medium size.  All Bracli lingerie contains Elasthane and will stretch to cover the range indicated, however as 90cm is at the top limit of the small size you are better choosing the medium to ensure a comfortable fit.


Most guys love a lady in black underwear and luckily it is the safe choice if you are not sure which colour to buy.  White and Ivory are also stunning, especially if your lady has a darker skin tone.  Red is sexy too, so the choice is yours.  Best tip we can give is see what her favourite sexy underwear colours are and follow that lead.

Advice For Guys who are in a new relationship.

Sometimes it’s better to tread carefully with your first lingerie gift for that new lady in your life.  We suggest the Lolita Babydoll is a sound choice, not too conservative and not too adventurous.  Any lady will love the luxury of the Lolita Babydoll and your next gift could be a matching thong such as the Your Night or Picos from the Paris Collection just to spice things up a little.

Wild & Adventurous Types.

Bracli have lingerie to suit every taste and desire.  Our advice for guys who are are contemplating a truly adventurous is to consider the Bracli & G thong. It is probably the best choice, but beware as it is not for the faint hearted!

Perlita - Bracli Pearls